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FEMINISM OR DEATH – ECOFEMINISM TODAY: A panel celebrating the new French and English editions of Françoise d’Eaubonne’s groundbreaking 1974 text, “Le féminisme ou la mort”.

10/12/2020 - 4 PM (PARIS TIME - UTC+1)‎

Myriam Bahaffou, Julie Gorecki (preface writers), Ruth Hottell (translator) and Jessie Kindig (Verso Books editor)

FEMINISM OR DEATH [LE FEMINISME OU LA MORT] is the first foundational text of Ecofeminism. Published in 1974, this visionnary essay has been for a long time overlooked.

Almost desappearing into oblivion as the first French edition was out of print for more than a decade, le passager clandestin is proud to release an updated edition of this Ecofeminism manifesto which inspired so many activists around the world.
With her brilliant lively and breathless style, the author demonstrate that patriarchal oppression of women and capitalist exploitation of the planet are triggered by the same mechanism of domination and thus have to be tackled as a whole. Misunderstood by her contemporaries for her ideals to evolve towards self-managed society based on race and gender equality and nature preservation, Françoise d’Eaubonne is today one of the most visionary figure of degrowth.

This classic will be translated into English for the first time and will be published by Verso Books in 2022!

* A major treatise where the term « Ecofeminism » appeared for the very first time.
* An essential book in the present context of climate change.
* Manifesto of movement born in France which was rapidly empowered and still developed by international authors such as Carolyn Merchant, Karen Waren, Val Plumwood, Vandana Shiva, Starhawk and more…

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