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“Fake News” and the Far-Right after Trump

10/12/2020 - 7PM GMT

Marcus Gilroy-Ware and Aurelien Mondon in conversation

Join Marcus Gilroy-Ware and Aurelien Mondon to explore the causes of our current political malaise, and whether the era of “Fake News” and the populist far-right is over.

Many rightfully breathed a sigh of relief with the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in November, as it signalled the end of the racist and misogynist Donald Trump’s term as US president. But does the end of Trump mean the end of “Trumpism” in its essence — the proliferation of lies, mis- and disinformation, and an insurgent populist far-right on the march?

Marcus Gilroy-Ware, author of the recently published After the Fact: The Truth about Fake News and Aurelien Mondon, co-author of Reactionary Democracy: populism, liberal and illiberal racisms, the far right and the lack of political imagination explore this question, tackling the deeper causes of “Fake News” and the rising tide of far-right nationalism, in the hope that we’re able to combat it more effectively.

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