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You can access the video by clicking this link. This Radical December video can be viewed on an external page.

Double Book Launch: Philosophy of Antifascism + Demarcation & Demystification

5/12/2020 - 7pm (EST)

Devin Zane Shaw (Philosophy of Antifascism: Punching Nazis and Fighting White Supremacy) and J. Moufawad-Paul (Demarcation and Demystification: Philosophy and Its Limits) in Conversation

“Join us on Saturday, December 5th, 2020 at 7 pm EST for a virtual book launch — Devin Zane Shaw is the author of The Philosophy of Antifascism. Joshua Moufawad-Paul is the author of Demarcation and Demystification. Join our event to discuss antifascism and radical philosophy!

Advance Registration required:”

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