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A More Graceful Shaboom

8/12/2020 - 7 PM EST U.S.

Reading of a new nonbinary children’s book with author Jacinta Bunnell.

Join a virtual reading of A More Graceful Shaboom with author Jacinta Bunnell on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 at 7 PM EST, hosted by OutCenter of Southwest Michigan. The event will be hosted on Zoom.

A gender nonbinary protagonist named Harmon Jitney finds their joy and purpose in a magical satchel which leads to an extraordinary, previously undiscovered universe. This book features LGBTQAI+ characters seamlessly woven into a delightful, imagination-sparking story, without overtly being a lesson book about gender and sexual orientation. Follow Harmon as they unlock the key to their own inner happiness and sense of community.

“It’s often been said that you can’t be it, unless you see it, but the queer youth of today are often busy being whatever it is by the time they finally see it represented out there in the world. The classification they choose or the person with whom they identify presents itself as an affirmation rather than an inspiration. A More Graceful Shaboom is a major affirmation to anyone who identifies as non-binary—and an inspiration to us all.” —James Lecesne, co-founder of the Trevor Project

Jacinta Bunnell is the author of five coloring books with PM Press/Reach and Teach, including Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away with Another Spoon, Girls Are Not Chicks, and The Big Gay Alphabet Coloring Book. She is a visual artist, writer, and educator living in the Hudson Valley, NY. For close to two decades, Jacinta has been making media for young readers that challenges heteronormative gender stereotypes.

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